About us

Our 2018 Priorities


The strategic plan for the future is designed to advance the development and education of children below compulsory school age.  The charity will do this through working in partnership with their parents, professionals and the community and providing safe, wondrous Early Years education and care.   Giving parents the opportunity to return to education, training and employment and children the opportunity to be the best they can be.  

Three stands to this plan have been developed in conjunction with Trustees, the senior management Team and all staff to ensure First Steps (Bath) is able to meet the challenges of changes of service delivery and funding.

1. To grow as social enterprise nurseries, enhancing social benefit and social impact. 

2. To add additional income generating services that fit with First Steps Mission. 

3. To use income from service delivery and through fundraising to ensure that every family is able to access preventative services that support positive parenting and loving relationships with their child. 


What our parents say

''Overall Steps is like our family. 'C' is happy and growing well - learning and changing all the time and it's down to the staff.''

Parent at Moorlands Children's Centre

Children make exceptional progress in their learning and development within a very safe, secure, calm and vibrant environment. They thrive because staff establish exemplary relationships with the children, and are highly skilled and very knowledgeable about their progress.