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Moorlands Nursery & Pre-School Ofsted Report March 2016

Moorlands Nursery & Pre-School Ofsted reports


Managers and staff skilfully interact with children to extend and challenge their learning. Children are confident, motivated and engaged during their play and activities. They make good progress from their initial starting points.

Managers and staff are good role models. Children's behaviour is very good and they are encouraged to solve problems and manage conflict for themselves. Children are tolerant, make friends, build relationships and learn how to share and take turns.

Staff develop warm and close relationships with children, who are happy, self-confident and explore their surroundings.

All children make good progress in readiness for the next stage in their learning and school.

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Ofsted Report 2016

What our parents say

''A lovely ethos – 'B' is very happy here!''

Sarah, parent

The staff are truly amazing and have supported 'P' in her learning and growth. Staff have gone above and beyond to help support and encourage 'P'. I can't thank you all enough.

Parent at Twerton