Online Giving

There are many ways that you can make a donation to First Steps (Bath). 

First Steps (Bath) has a membership with Local Giving, which allows donations via a secure website. 

Local Giving: 

We appreciate that some people would prefer that 100% of their donation went straight to the charity and that an administrative fee was not taken by a third party; however First Steps do benefit in other ways by having a membership of this nature and if you would like to know more, please click on the file below. 

If after reading this you would prefer that 100% of your donation reaches us, then please feel free to visit any of our centres; or if you wish to donate regulary, please visit our 'Regular Giving' section.

Thank you

Why Local Giving?

What our parents say

''A lovely ethos – 'B' is very happy here!''

Sarah, parent

"I want to highlight the importance of the centres as a place to go with my family, to receive help and to be able to talk to other mums and staff, and to know that my children are in an educational, safe and fun space."

Family Services user